Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mini Shadow Box

Hey everybody, just a quick showcase on a few projects I completed. As I mentioned before I recycle whenever I can so here is my latest recycled project.  Over Christmas I bought some decorations and when I saw this box I knew I would make a project with it.  Here is a picture of the box and the type of decoration that came with it.

Here is the project that I completed:-

I painted the box with white acrylic paint and when dry painted again with white crackle paint.  I used paper from the Printery Collection to line the box. The items in the box came from my stash with the exception of the little white hat that I bought at a baby kiosk. 

Friday, 6 April 2012

Altered Egg Carton

Happy Easter everybody!!  I am proud to have made pickled fish for the second time in my life :-).  Back home my mom is the pickle fish maker - she makes 3 bowls -1 for her and my dad, 1 for me and my family and 1 for my sister and her family. Since I am in Dubai I have been pressurised by my daughters to make some.  So I have made again, according to my mom's recipe and it tastes great - thank you Mom! Further to that the Easter bunny sent word that he will be coming around on Sunday! Who says you cannot celebrate Easter in the United Arab Emirates :-).
I made this Easter gift for my youngest daughter.  It was inspired by a fellow You Tuber - Juliana (IluvVintageScrap).  Of course I added my own twist.  Enjoy!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Altered Straw Hats

I love altering items!  Here are 3 hats ranging in various sizes.

I used lace, ribbon,  roses, sunflowers, pot purri and pearls to decorate.