Friday, 24 August 2012

Gift Swap

Dubai is truly an amazing city to live in; I am blessed to have this experience. For me one of the great things about Dubai is the concoction of nationalities - here we all live in harmony while we work relax and play.  It's in that mix of play that I met, at a scrapbook workshop by the talented Iris Babao Uy, a most awesome lady named Irene. We have been buddies ever since.  She is an amazing person and in a city where people easily get caught up in the glitz and the glamour; I am blessed to have found a friend who is as awesome as she!

We meet for lunch, we catch up and as scrapbook enthusiasts we shop for yummies together.  When we meet we have always have a goodie swap and with our last time together, we also exchanged gifts we had made for each other.

Here is the absolutely stunning gift she made me:-

She embellished a clay pot with gorgeous lace and pearls and if that was not enough, the pot was filled with an array of beautiful paper roses!!!  Am I lucky or what??!!

Check out that gorgeous lace people!!!  The pale peach flower above as a focal point is absolutely stunning - I just love it!!!  Perfect colours, textures and embellishments.

Here is a link to her blog where she describes how she turned out such a gorgeous gift - while you are there check out her talent, I just love her work.

Thanks again Irene; hugs


  1. Remember seeing this beautiful project on Irene's blog :)

  2. {Blush-blush} Thanks a lot Janine. I'm blessed too, to have an amazing friend like you. You're a treasure! Love & Hugs.


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