Friday, 11 October 2013

Mini Monthly Organizer

I have truly had so much fun playing with the Life Time Collection and have made project after project after project. This post features one of the last 2 projects I have made using this awesome collection.  I still have enough "leftovers" to make a card and a tag and maybe even another layout...hmmm....I love making layouts.

I also love to carry a mini monthly organizer in my bag.  My bag (like so many women) contain so many different things (some useful some not...grin) and having a space taking organizer in my bag only makes my bag heavy.  I decided to make a mini organizer to keep record of grocery items I need to pick up, birthdays/anniversaries for the month, things to do, items I need to get for school projects, craft supplies I need, etc; it is really handy especially if it is a whole lot of small tasks or things you need to do. 

The cover is simple with just one flower; cannot embellish too much because it needs to fit along with everything else inside my handbag.  Again everything I have used in this project is available at Paper Lane and everything is either from the Life Time Collection or other Prima embellies.

The first page provides a space for a photo of your a mom I love seeing photographs of my daughters all the time and of course when I am having coffee or lunch with friends I like to show and tell...

The kraft cardstock slides out and holds little notes for the items you need to get - short and simple and with easy access.  The pocket allows for other notes etc to slip in and not fall out or get damaged.  Super cute ladies!!

The flap on the second page lifts up and more provision is made for things to do and little notes for yourself.  I hot glued the black chipboard and paper all one has to do is slide out the used notes and insert new notes.  All the notes I created on my computer and this is very easy to do!

This is my favourite page I just love the colour combinations.  The left hand side has provision to slide receipts, lists, gift ideas, gift cards, anything... 


The above two images are close ups...the little craft booklet with the fussy cut flower unties and record can be kept of coffee mornings, brunches, craft sessions, etc.

The last spread again provides a frame for a family photograph and a tag.  Both the middle page and the right flap provides inserts to hold notes, lists, etc.

The back of the organizer.  Ladies this organizer measures 5 inches wide by 6 inches high it is flat and ties with blue seam binding.  Its sturdy, folds in on itself and fits perfectly into any bag without taking up too much space or getting damaged.  It is versatile and is perfect for every month.  All you have to do every month is print new lists from your computer and slide it under the paper clips provided - easy peasy ladies!!  

Take your ideas and design much fun!!!

See you all soon...Janine

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