Saturday, 9 June 2012

Father's Day Card

With Father's day 'around the corner' the girls did not want me to make a standard or conventional card - they wanted something different, something unique and totally suited to Michael and to him alone.  We discussed a few ideas but nothing inspired.  I then gave them an idea, told them I would guide but I would not create the card - it would be up to them. 

The girls were so made up with the finished card, I decided to share it on my blog...

Michael loves to paint!  So when  I outlined my idea to the girls; they eagerly started to browse the Internet to find the images they were looking for!  Image cropping, printing and some fussy cutting later and they were almost set to go! 

While they were fussy cutting I made the easel with lolly sticks.  I assembled the necessary tools, found some silver backed cardstock, a mini wooden peg and they were set to go!!

A image to paint secured to the easel with a mini peg
An artists palette shape secured the title of the card

A stool holding an artist suitcase

A easel with paintbrushes and a view to inspire!

I think they did an awesome job!!!  Don't you ????


  1. Yeah they sure did an awesome job!

  2. They sure did. Thanks for stopping by and making comments. I have been trying to direct traffic to my blog so thanks so much


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